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I. Project Title and Description


Development of a Public Relations (PR) program and campaign to ensure maximum and relevant exposure and positive publicity of the Philippines as a premier tourism destination.

II. Duration

One (1) year subject to midterm review, for possible extension or termination of contract

III. Background

This endeavor is being undertaken in an effort to boost consumer awareness for travel to the Philippines, by generating positive publicity for the country displayed in relevant and mass media platforms.

IV. Objective

• An integrated and comprehensive Public Relations (PR) program and campaign are needed to generate positive publicity for the Philippines. This PR campaign must ensure maximum exposure for the country, including display in relevant and high impact traditional, digital, and social media platforms.
• These Public Relations activities shall project the Philippines as a premiere tourism destination, in conjunction with its It’s More Fun in the Philippines campaign.

V. Scope of Work / Deliverables

a. Publicity generation

- Develop an integrated PR plan/program, indicating the target levels of reach/impact, and other forms of measurement that will reflect how an increase in awareness on the Philippines as a premier travel destination will be achieved;
- Release a monthly newsletter for media highlighting the Philippines as a premier travel destination;
- Identify media publications and outfits with wide reach and high relevance covering traditional, digital, and social media platforms;
- Develop content and pitch stories appropriate for each identified media publication and outfit, consistently projecting a positive perception of the Philippines and communicating the fun in the

Philippines, and ultimately promoting the country as a young, dynamic, and premiere tourism destination;

- Suggest creative ways to maximize the Philippines’ exposure; and
- Media monitoring / News clippings

b. Management of the Philippines’ Social Media Accounts (Facebook and Instagram)

- Design a strategy plan for our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram);
- Post appropriate content that will reflect how fun, dynamic and diverse the Philippines is, including stock photos, articles, and crossposting from relevant and influential personalities;
- Suggest creative opportunities that allow an increase in publicity for the Philippines including co-branding and cooperation with influencers; and
- Boosting posts when necessary

c. Generation of a comprehensive report, reflecting media mileage gained and copies of the published articles / media exposure on the Philippines

VI. Minimum Qualifications for Suppliers

a. Full service PR agency operating in Germany, with relevant contacts in the media and travel industry, and able to facilitate the requirements and deliverables as stipulated above
b. Extensive work experience in the travel and tourism industry particularly in tourism destination management and marketing
c. Dedicated Account Manager and Account Director to oversee and coordinate with the DOT with respect to the execution and implementation of the deliverables

VII. Timeline and Schedule of Work

Dec. 19, 2018: Submission of bid proposals, inclusive of publicity requirements according to these Terms of Reference, and mandatory legal documents
Dec. 21, 2018: Selection of the DOT Frankfurt office of the winning PR Agency assigned to handle the publicity activities and crisis management for the Philippines
Dec. 28, 2018: Submission of revised PR and communications plan, timelines, and schedule of appointments, based on the DOT-Frankfurt Office feedback on the winning bidder’s original proposal
January 1, 2019: Start of the contract

VIII. Documentary Requirements

• Signed Terms of Reference (all pages should be initialed)
• Company registration documents and appropriate licenses
• Latest Tax clearance
• Company portfolio containing similar projects previously undertaken in the past 5 years.

The winning bid shall be determined based on the proposal with the most advantageous financial packaged cost, provided that the amount of the bid does not exceed the established total budget for the project.

IX. Terms and Conditions

1. The selected agency shall be subject to assessment by the DOT Frankfurt as to the effectiveness of any part or phase of the campaign launched. The DOT Frankfurt reserves the right to terminate the services of the winning bidder should any part of the deliverables be unsatisfactory.
2. Subject to the assessment by the DOT Frankfurt as to the performance of the creative agency for its implementation of the campaign, the services of the selected creative agency may be re-contracted by DOT Frankfurt to implement supplemental programs, subject to additional budgets and a separate agreement.
3. Any excess remuneration or compensation in the form of rebate from production and media suppliers following the industry practice of compensating services of an agency shall be negotiated by the winning agency, and credited by the supplier in favor of the DOT Frankfurt in the form of additional promotional materials and/or extended media or PR placements, in order to maximize the effect and benefit of the campaign.

X. Budget Allocation

1. Budget Allocation

Total budget allocation for 1 year (January to December 2019) is Euro 44,400.00 inclusive of all taxes and other applicable fees. Charges for operational expenses are subject to prior approval.

2. Payment procedure

a. Charges for retainer fee shall be billed on a monthly basis;
b. Overhead fees shall be paid on a reimbursement basis, fully supported by receipts, and subject to prior approval

XI. Contact Person

Anabelle Gaye Apostol
Operations Officer
Philippine Department of Tourism – Frankfurt

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