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Philippine Tourism Website Design & Development



Philippine Tourism Website Design & Development for Germany and German-speaking markets

To design and code a website for the Department of Tourism (DOT) - Frankfurt Office that will provide a platform for people to secure information about Philippine destinations and product offerings, exchange user experiences based on their trips to the Philippines, and increase the Philippines’ search ranking as a popular vacation destination.


One (1) year subject to midterm review


DOT’s website has been running since August 1, 2014 and is linked to a Facebook account. There is a need to update the contents of the website, in order to adapt to the current consumer demands and digital trends, and more efficiently encourage consumers to consider the Philippines as a holiday destination and help plan their visit.


  1. Provide extensive and appropriate content (information, photos, and videos) on the tourism products and destinations in the Philippines;
  2. Ensure ease of access to relevant content by providing intuitive and fun ways to navigate through the website;
  3. Provide a user-based platform allowing people to exchange experiences on their previous trip/s to the Philippines;
  4. Implement the latest tools and technologies to adapt to consumer preferences andneeds;
  5. Increase the Philippines’ search engine ranking (SEO) as a popular vacation destination, and encourage consumers to visit the website;
  6. Monitor the activities of our website; and+
  7. Provide a web page for posting of tenders and calls for bids for the implementation of the DOT-Frankfurt Office’s programs and activities


1. Project Management

  • strategy and integration of digital assets
  • briefing, coordination, planning


2. Web design and development

2.1. Complete overhaul of website appearance

  • visual development of the webpage that follows DOT guidelines (landing page and subpages)
  • layout and artwork (texts, photographic materials, sound etc.)
  • definition of formal elements (buttons, navigation, etc.)


2.2. Usability

  • Creation of a design that is easy to read, navigate and understand
  • Compatibility to different browsers
  • Ability of the webpage to work nicely to all other screen resolutions, including mobiles and tablets


2.3. Content Management

  • Analysis and conceptualization of the content of the website
  • Generate regular content updates (articles, TOR for bidding, images and videos) for the span of our one year contract
  • Integration of additional elements like search, Google maps, newsletter, etc.
  • Adaption for different screen sizes (responsive design)
  • Custom programming
  • Integration of image and video galleries
  • Integration of news module
  • Integration of banner slideshow
  • Installation of development server
  • Coordination and provision of go-live


2.4. Interactive itinerary planner

2.5. Functionality

2.6. Social Media Integration

3. One (1) year Hosting and maintenance fee, Domain registration and Webserver administration. Plus hosting of email in the same domain as the website, with possibility of purchasing the current domain.

4. Search Engine Optimization

  • Link building service (quality back links)
  • Integration of Google analytics, etc.


5. Integrated Launch of all digital assets

Please refer to Annex A for detailed website requirements.

At the closing of the project, the Developer must submit and turnover to DOT all the elements of the design and development project. This includes all the deliverables mentioned above, elements of the web content, design and code of the website, layout conversion of modules, and converted images and videos, and all other materials developed throughout the duration of the project.


  • July 29, 2019 Submission of bid proposals, inclusive of website requirements according to Annex A of this Terms of Reference, and mandatory legal documents.
  • July 29 to Aug. 2, 2019 Interview and response period
  • Aug. 4, 2019 Selection of the DOT Frankfurt office of the winning website developer
  • Aug. 12, 2019 Submission of revised website development plan including firmed up proposals on how to implement each aspect of the website, timelines and schedules.
  • Sept. 2, 2019 Final review
  • Oct. 14, 2019 Final Go-Live Date


Total budget allocation for 1 year is Euro25.000,00 inclusive of all taxes and other applicable fees.

Interested bidders must present a budget breakdown in their proposal, indicating the components of their proposed budget.

The selected agency shall be subject to assessment by the DOT Frankfurt. The DOT Frankfurt reserves the right to terminate the services of the winning bidder should any part of the deliverables be unsatisfactory.

Possible to add or remove requirements as deemed necessary, based on what would be the most beneficial for the government.


• Signed Terms of Reference (all pages should be initialed)
• Company registration documents and appropriate licenses
• Latest Tax clearance
• Company portfolio containing similar projects previously undertaken in the past 5 years.

The winning bid shall be determined based on the proposal with the most advantageous financial packaged cost, provided that the amount of the bid does not exceed the established total budget for the project.


Compliant with the procedures of the Philippine Government

Required supporting documents for payment:

• Original copy of contract
• Original copy of invoice following signed contract
• Payment will be based on the following phases: 

  • Initial Contact 20%
  • Design 20%
  • Development 20%
  • Launch 20%
  • Site Maintenance 20%


Please refer to Annex A for detailed website requirements.



Anabelle Gaye Apostol
Operations Officer
Philippine Department of Tourism – Frankfurt
Kaiserhofstrasse 7, 60313 Frankfurt am Main
Email: anabelle@morefunphilippines.de



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