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IFTM Top Resa 2019


Project Title: Booth Design, Set-up and Dismantling for Philippine Booth at IFTM Top Resa 2019
Date: October 1 – 4, 2019 (event proper) Tuesday – Friday
Venue: Hall 1, VIPARIS Port de Versailles Paris, France
Location: M 118
Booth size: 100sqm, 4 sides open


In line with its goal of increasing tourism arrivals from France to to the Philippines, DOT will again be participating in the IFTM TOPRESA 2019 be held at Porte de Versailles, Paris, France from October 1-4, 2019. The Philippines will be putting up a 100 square meter booth. In order to facilitate tabletop business negotiations between Philippine government and private sector representatives with their counterparts from France, the booth will have tables and chairs to accommodate the target number of 12 companies from the government and private sector.


The Philippines Department of Tourism (DOT) is in need of the services of a company engaged in the business of designing and constructing booths for travel and consumer fairs for the Philippine booth at the IFTM Top Resa 2019.
The Philippine booth should:

• Generate a positive brand recall for Philippine tourism, using the It’s More Fun in the Philippines campaign;
• Create an atmosphere that reflects a creative and modern destination, and establish the Philippines as a premier tourist destination in Asia;
• Project the Philippines as a young, dynamic, and creative society;
• Produce a sophisticated, creative and interactive booth design to attract buyers, press and travel trade guests to visit the Philippine Pavilion.
• Provide a highly functional yet visually appealing area that will enable the conduct of tabletop business meetings between Philippine delegates, estimated between 10-12 companies, and their French counterparts

Capability Requirements

• Must have an experience rendering services at international exhibitions
• Must have the capability to operate in Paris
• Must be able to get accreditation from IFTM Top Resa organizers
• Must be accredited by the exhibition center, VIPARIS Port de Versailles
• Must have a dedicated team who will focus on the design and set-up of the Philippine booth
• Must have the capability to invest, coordinate shipment to IFTM Top Resa site, assemble and install AV equipment, and furniture accent pieces for the Philippine booth


The Philippines Department of Tourism requires a package of services for the following:

1. Philippine booth design – a functional booth that will accommodate between 10-12 exhibitors and showcase the Philippines’ top destinations, incorporating the design pegs to be supplied by the DOT

2. Design and construct space that will accommodate the following:

• 3.5m x 2m LED wall that will project Philippine tourism videos and images
• Ten (10) to twelve (12) Philippine exhibitors
• Information counter
• Semi-enclosed VIP reception area
• 2m x 2m stage for Philippine performers (live animation)
• Sound system (speakers and technical equipment)
• Coffee Bar with professional coffee equipment
• Storage area
• Kitchen with small dining area for the PHL delegation Specific Stand Requirements

1. Overhead “Philippines” signage, which must be visible from all angles

2. Backdrop visuals, overhead ceiling banners, and other appropriate elements to effectively communicate the Philippines’ thrust on sustainable tourism.

3. Provide individual company workstations or negotiating tables with 3 chairs for each Philippine exhibitor. It must have the following:

• One table with the Philippine map (printed or in vinyl sticker) on top
• Lockable storage cabinet (may be part of the design of the table)
• Individual electric outlets (3 sockets each) with adaptors
• Company name and logo

4. One semi-enclosed area for VIP which can comfortably accommodate six (6) guests at a time and should have the following:

• Appropriate backdrop visuals
• Furniture and fixtures created by Filipinos, featuring modern and contemporary designs
• Fresh plants and flowers
• Electrical outlet on both sides
• Lockable storage cabinet
• 51” LED TV with USB port or built-in video player
• Coat rack

5. One (1) information counter which can accommodate at least 3 persons at a time and should have the following:

• Appropriate visuals and accessories
• Electrical outlet
• 2 brochure racks
• 2 chairs
• Lockable storage cabinet (maybe part of the counter)
• Exhibitor directory with stand layout

6. One (1) Coffee Bar

• Atmosphere / mood: creative, urban coffee bar
• A bar counter that can accommodate 4pax
• Bar ceiling with soft lighting and LED coffee signage in front
• Work area with underbar sink, water supply and the following equipment/materials:

o Coffee grinder/brewer/espresso machine
o Hot and cold water dispenser
o Frothing pitcher
o Measuring cups and spoons
o Food containers (for coffee beans, ground coffee, sugar, milk and cream)
o 2 condiment organizers (for sachets of muscovado, brown sugar, white sugar, and sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners)
o Paper cup with coffee sleeves that has IMFITP logo
o Napkin dispenser
o Cleaning supplies
o Trash bins
• Wall with Coffee map of the Philippines and menu

7. Storage room where PHL delegation can keep their materials and should have the following:

• Storage shelves
• Lockers
• Coat hangers
• Mini-kitchen with sink and running water
• Small dining area
• Half-length mirror
• Colored printer with ink and bond paper
• Kitchen utensils and appliances (coffee-maker, refrigerator, microwave oven, hot & cold water dispenser, cups and saucer, serving trays, cutlery set, drinking glasses, trash bins, ample supply of trash bags etc.)

8. Small area for performance

• Sound system (microphone, technical rider etc.)
• Power outlet
• 3.5m x 2m LED wall

9. Elevated carpet platform / floor to conceal the electrical wirings and connections.
10. Fast and reliable Internet connection for the whole Philippine delegation.
11. Sufficient lighting that will create a dramatic effect, complementing the design of the booth.
12. All exhibition connections and fees (ample supply of electricity, running water, suspensions and permits)
13. Set-up and installation of the aforementioned booth while strictly following the rules and regulations set by the event organizer.
14. Dismantling inclusive of storage/disposal of the aforementioned booth parts and egress on the date designated by the event organizer.

Staff complement

In order to meet the objectives and carry out the activities for this project, bidders shall submit the recommended staff complement.

1. Person who will supervise the stand set-up, maintenance and dismantling

2. Available maintenance personnel for the whole duration of the fair Time Frame and Schedule of Work

• Submission of initial booth design is on or before August 9, 2019
• Booth set-up: Should follow the official event schedule as prescribed by the event organizer Budget
• The total budget allocation is EUR equivalent (€63,000.00) inclusive of taxes and other fees.
• The financial proposal should allow for modifications in stand layout and design in accordance with the needs and requirements of the end user.

Evaluation Procedure

• The winning bidder shall be selected not solely based on the amount of bid but the Philippines Department of Tourism (DOT) shall also consider the overall design of the booth based on this Terms of Reference (TOR)
• The winning bid shall be determined based on the proposal with the most advantageous financial packaged cost, provided that the amount of the bid does not exceed the above total budget.

Contact Persons

Anabelle Gaye Apostol
Operations Officer
Philippine Department of Tourism – Frankfurt

Diegeli Liwanag
Office of Product and Market Development
Department of Tourism