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BOOT 2017 - Düsseldorf



EVENT : BOOT Düsseldorf, 21-29 January 2017

VENUE : Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre, Germany


The Düsseldorf International Boat Show, most commonly known as Boot Düsseldorf, is one of the world’s premier boat shows held annually in Messe, Dusseldorf, Germany for the duration of one week, usually by the end of January.

It is considered a benchmark for the international boat and water sports industry attended by over 1,830 exhibitors from 65 countries and 244,691 visitors in 2016.

The Philippines’ participation provides a venue for the local private sector partners to establish and renew their linkages with travel industry counterparts and to showcase the country as a premium and competitive dive destination for the German market.

This year, to maximize our presence in the event, the Philippines has increased its booth space from 81 sq. meters to 150 sq. meters, to accommodate more private sector participants and to offer more Philippine dive packages to the German market.

The major activities in the Philippines stand include networking with the dive travel trade and table top discussions between Philippines sellers and participating buyers in the fair.

The event is being attended by major scuba diving associations like PADI, SSI, IAC and German Scuba Divers (VDST).

The construction of the aforementioned booth aims to attain the following objectives:

  • 1. Provide the Philippine sellers a platform to meet and strengthen partnership with European dive tour operators and media;
  • 2. Generate direct sales of Philippine packages to consumers in the market;
  • 3. Create an atmosphere that reflects the Philippines as the “premier” dive destination in Asia;
  • 4. Increase tourist arrivals to the Philippines from Germany and other European source markets; and,
  • 5. Provide a highly functional yet visually appealing area for provision of Philippine tourism information, product updates, audio visual presentations, business transactions, table top meetings, and other animation activities.


The Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) Philippines is in need of the services of a Company, preferably with a counterpart in Germany, who will conceptualize the design of the Philippine Stand and construct structure with the following eligibility:

1. Must be an accredited contractor of Messe Dusseldorf GmbH, organizer of Boot Dusseldorf 2016.
2. Must have a dedicated team who will focus on Design and Construction;
3. Must have the capability to invest, purchase and coordinate its shipment, to the Boot Dusseldorf site, the decorations, and accents needed to complete the Philippine experience in the Stand.

 The design of the Philippine Stand aims to attain the following objectives:

1. Generate positive “name recall” of the Philippine tourism brand and boost dive enthusiasts from Europe to populate the Philippine dive destinations.
2. Attract and encourage buyers, consumers, press and travel trade guests to visit the Philippine stand.
3. Provide a highly functional, interactive yet visually appealing area for the provision of Philippine tourism information, product updates, audio visual presentations, table top business meetings, and other promotional activation.
4. Highlight the featured Philippine dive destinations with focus on Tubbataha Reef, Batangas, Cebu, Bohol and Davao
5. Incorporate the use of interactive display solutions, new digital technology, and/or augmented realty devices in presenting the Philippine dive experience to the European     market.


To be able to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, bidders shall submit a proposed design and layout for the aforementioned stand. The Tourism Promotions Board Philippines through the Philippine Department of Tourism-Frankfurt requires a package of services for the following:

A. Booth design, construction and installation strictly following the rules and regulations set by the fair/event organizers.
Booth Details:
1. Size: 150 sq. m. / Island stand (4 sides open)
2. Dimensions: 15.50 x 9
3. Layout
• Should provide individual counters and negotiating tables for each Philippine exhibitor located along the perimeter of the stand (approximately 10 exhibitors). Provision for installation of individual corporate name;
• Provision for individual exhibitor visual in close proximity to co-participant designated counter;

• Special airline counter area situated closely to the Philippine information counter to house special visual monitor and computer with lined web/internet access;
• 1 VIP Reception Area;
• Separate Airline counters for Cathay Pacific and Philippine Airlines
• A Philippine Information counter;
• An area for video presentations equipped with the necessary LCD screen and DVD player;
• Storage area; and,
• Kitchen cum dining area for the Philippine delegation.

4. General stand design theme: DivePhilippines

Note: Bidder should be flexible in terms of incorporating inputs in the overall
look of the Philippine stand and be able to provide the necessary adjustments
on paper (floor plan and perspectives) within 48 hours after inputs from TPB.
Final set of floor plan/s, perspectives and working drawings (to include lighting, electrical, graphics and accent plans) should be approved and signed by the TPB before implementation

5. Specific stand requirements:

• Stand Construction inclusive of walls, storage, kitchen, wardrobe (with lockable lockers) and VIP area;
• Printing of appropriate backdrop visuals / overhead ceiling banners /interior decor as appropriate (Direct printing on wood, sticker paper or cloth – whichever medium is more suitable compliment the over-all design), fresh plants and flowers, sufficient lighting to convey a Philippine island dive setting and other decorative elements following the general stand design theme;
• Elevated carpeted flooring to conceal the electrical wiring and connections;
• Philippine Information Counter should have the following: at least 2 chairs, at least 72” inch LED screen (or appropriate back-drop), power outlet, lockable cabinets, brochure racks, exhibitor directory and stand layout, appropriate visuals and accessories;
• Individual work stations should have the following: 1 counter, 1 table, 3 chairs, small lockable storage cabinet, individual electric outlets and adaptors, company signage and table centrepiece;
• Storage areas should have the following: lockable lockers, wardrobe, shelves for brochures, etc.;
• Service kitchen or pantry that will double as dining area should have the following: sink with running water, hot and cold water dispenser, coffee maker, water percolator, small refrigerator, porcelain cups and saucers for VIP guests (per approximate quantity requirement), cutlery set for VIP guests (per approximate quantity requirement), glasses for VIP guests (per approximate quantity requirement), serving trays (per approximate quantity requirement), storage cabinet and shelves trash bins with ample supply of trash bags, small eating area with counters and bar stools, lockable door;

• The VIP reception area should have the following: lounge chairs, center table, 1 72” LED screen (or the like) and CD/DVD/USB player, appropriate lighting and accessories;
• Furniture should depict a modern Philippines and conform to the recommended layout by interested/participating tending company to include counters, tables, chairs, shelves, hangers, mirror, etc.;
• All exhibition venue connections (electricity and water, suspensions and permits);
• Sufficient power outlets and lighting;
• Other accessories needed to achieve the desired theme; and,
• Daily stand cleaning – before the opening and the closing of the exhibition.

B. Dismantling inclusive of storage/disposal of the aforementioned booths/parts and egress on the dates designated by the event organizers.

C. Other pertinent inclusions deemed necessary by both parties to improve general look and function of the stand.


The contract duration is for a period of one (1) month with the following schedule of work:
1. Preparatory work
2. Set-up of Philippine booth at the Boot Fair (five (5) days prior to event proper or according to official event schedule)
3. Boot Fair (Stand maintenance)
4. Stand dismantling (according to official event schedule)


Total Budget allocation for the Philippine booth is Fifty-Six Thousand Six Hundred Twenty-Three & 58/100 (€56,623.58.00) or US$60,185.18 or its Philippine Peso equivalence. The financial proposal should allow for modifications in stand layout and design in accordance with the needs and requirements of the end user. The winning bid however shall be determined based on the proposal with the most advantageous financial package cost, provided that the amount of bid does not exceed the above total budget.


29 December 2016, Thursday, 12:00 (CET)
Proposal to be submitted (by post or email) to:

Officer in Charge Philippine Department of Tourism-Frankfurt Office
60313 Frankfurt
TEL. NO. +49 (69) 20893
FAX +49 (69) 285127
E-mail: anabelle@morefunphilippines.de


Bids and Awards Committee
Tourism Promotions Board Philippines
4F, Legaspi Towers 300, Roxas Blvd. corner P. Ocampo Street,
Malate, Manila